7 Ways Time Tracking Can Help You Manage Multiple Projects

7 Ways Time Tracking Can Help You Manage Multiple Projects

The thought of handling multiple tasks can lead to a lot of stress for project managers. While huge companies with extensive budgets can hire a good team and a project manager, managers are expected to perform at a level the same as their team in the case of small businesses. 

This is where free project estimation software comes in, and it can help ease out the workload of project managers. So, let’s see how it can help you manage multiple projects with ease without further ado. 

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1. Plan Beforehand 

When managing multiple projects, you cannot leave anything to chance. Therefore, it is essential to have a well-laid out plan and even have contingency plans in case things go haywire. Besides, it is all the more essential to set expectations for yourself and your team to complete your project successfully. 

With several free project estimation software in the market, you can easily plan your schedule and incorporate breaks to ensure minimal workload. The best time tracking software let you plan out schedules at a granular level and stay on top of your project needs. 

2. Use Tools 

Even the best of project managers need help from time to time. The best time tracking software can help you seamlessly manage multiple projects at once and can be a blessing in disguise for your team. 

From completing daily business tasks to tracking team progress and aligning your marketing efforts, free project estimation software can do it all. 

Besides, you can visualize your project progress in a better manner. As a result, you can fine-tune your plans and ensure each project is completed to the client’s satisfaction. 

3. Prioritize Tasks

Not prioritizing tasks can lead to chaos for your project team. Thus, you need to understand which tasks are required to be completed with urgency. Free project estimation software lets you even group repetitive and similar tasks. As a result, you can complete different projects in the minimum time possible. 

4. Conduct Regular Reviews 

Being fixated on your original plan can lead to blunders. As a leader, you must be flexible enough to change plans as and when needed. The best time tracking software will let you do that and even change your entire outlook without much effort. Holding regular review sessions will help you assess changes and incorporate them into your original plan. 

5. Stay focused


Balancing your multiple projects at once can lead to your attention being divided and might affect the quality of the projects. Thus, it is essential to stay focused on the task at hand. 

One way to achieve this and deliver all your projects on time is by using the best time tracking software in the market. This will help you prioritize your project needs and ensure you give your 200% on your tasks. 

6. Delegate Tasks 

As a good leader, you must know when to trust your team members and assign them responsibilities. The best time tracking software lets you build a good rapport with your teammates and assign them work when you are overloaded.

7. Communicate With Team Members

Open communication is an essential part of project management. Free project estimation software lets you create an open space where each and everything is shared with your team members.

This becomes more important when handling multiple projects as the team can know about potential problems and discuss their solutions before any delays occur. 

8. Boost Employee Productivity

Time tracking software can also boost employee productivity and help you assess the capability of your employees. As a result, you can use the time stamps to make good project estimates and make sure each resource is being utilized optimally. Besides, it will also let you see which projects take up the most time and plan accordingly.

Wrapping Up 

Working on multiple projects requires tons of effort and skills. Free project estimation software can simplify your daily operations and even add more projects to your kitty. 

With ever-increasing competition in the market, you need to stay ahead of your competitors and make your company stand out in front of customers. 

Free project estimation software and time tracking solutions can help you stay on top of project management and leave your customers with nothing but a great experience. 

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