Benefits of Using Custom Stand Up Pouches As Your Packaging Solution

A primary need of companies producing food products is protecting their offerings during the time spent in refrigerators, freezers or on product shelves. The right packaging materials will, for example, assure consumers that frozen food products won’t suffer harm from freezer burn or oxidation. Product packaging, however, can do much more than provide protection. Innovative and attention-getting approaches to packaging such as custom stand up pouches also increase sales. Both frozen and non-frozen consumer products can benefit from well-chosen packaging solutions.

Lightweight Protective Solution

In addition to extending the product’s shelf life, lightweight stand up pouches attract shoppers’ attention. Consumer research shows that more than 60% of shoppers purchase something new based on how the packaging caught their attention. Lightweight flexible packaging options also offer retailers greater storage capabilities per cubic foot of freezer, refrigerator or product shelf space.

Consumers with limited freezer space tend to consider product size when they look through frozen food packaging bags on store freezer shelves. For consumer product suppliers, the greater content-to-packaging ratio provided by lightweight flexible films reflects an added attraction. Product packaging made from lightweight films or rollstock offers more cost-effective transport options. The lesser amount of weight and space reduces shipping costs.

Custom Design To Build Brand Recognition

Stand up pouch packaging enables a company to custom design a branding concept that visually engages shoppers. Digital printing makes photo-quality product images an enticing point-of-purchase draw. Stand up pouches also help ensure that shoppers get the full and intended view of the ready-to-serve or cooked product.

An additional branding benefit of a stand up pouch is the “all over” design capability. The design concept can cover every square inch of the product’s packaging. The bottom gusset of the pouch can even provide a good spot for a UPC code, related brand offerings or a friendly “Thank you for enjoying our product!” message.

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Packaging Benefits That Purchasers Appreciate

Resealable packaging, child-proofing and eco-friendly materials reflect some of the benefits that promote brand loyalty. Consumer research indicates that shoppers base more than 40% of their buy-again decisions on packaging preferences. Households with small children tend to appreciate products that come in child-resistant packages. On-the-go individuals gravitate towards easy-open single-serving packaging that can provide a quick and healthy snack in between meetings or errands.

A recently reported study noted that more than 70% of consumer respondents said they purchase a greater number of eco-friendly products now than five years ago. To accommodate the growing demand for eco-friendly packaging, food brands can choose Post-Consumer Recycled packaging materials. Stand up pouches made from flexible PCR film reduce the landfill impact and decrease a company’s carbon footprint.

The Right Packaging Partner Can Make a Difference

Partnering with a trusted expert packaging provider can make a world of difference in how a product sells. Learning about the options for custom resealable bags, for example, can play an important role in guiding consumers toward repeat purchases. Marketing research shows that the ability to reseal unused portions of a product ranks among the top three packaging features consumers prefer. Choosing the right packaging provider can connect a new or growing food business with a wide range of options to help build a loyal customer base.

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