Five Benefits of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is an expanding industry and this is not surprising when you consider the benefits that it provides. Fossil fuels have a variety of downsides, from the fact that they generate quite a bit of pollution to the fact that they are finite and will run out far sooner than any source of renewable energy will. Fossil fuels are one example of non-renewable energy.

Many companies, including Bærum Energi, have invested in renewable energy. There are a number of benefits that renewable energy provides for you if you choose it instead of non-renewable energy. Here are five of the excellent benefits that renewable energy provides. 

You Do Not Have to Worry About Renewable Energy Running Out

You could probably tell from the name renewable energy, but any source of renewable energy is also sustainable. Simply put, this means that this source of energy is not going to run out any time soon. One clear example of this is the sun, which obviously provides solar power to the world. Based on the current data, you can count on the sun continuing to illuminate the Earth for a minimum of another four and a half to five and a half billion years. Because of this, the sun is definitely a source of renewable energy. 

Renewable Energy Is Good for the Environment

Another benefit of renewable energy is that it is an environmentally-friendly kind of energy. Renewable energy comes from natural sources like solar or wind power. As a result, renewable energy is clean energy.

It is worth noting that renewable energy can generate some amount of emissions. Despite this, renewable energy technology only generates a small amount of greenhouse gases and carbon compared to the emissions from fossil fuels. Since renewable energy is clean energy, you should know that it can help curb emissions and help address climate change. 

You Can Count On The Reliability of Renewable Energy

As you likely know, conflicts over fossil fuels are unfortunately pretty common in the modern age. Sometimes, these conflicts can even escalate to actual wars. This makes fossil fuels a somewhat unstable source of energy. This is not the case for renewable energy. It is much easier to gain control of a renewable energy source in a peaceful way. 

Sources of renewable energy are not equally distributed across the world. Some countries have far more sources of renewable energy than others. Despite this fact, renewable energy is still more reliable than fossil fuels, since many countries are capable of harvesting renewable energy like solar power and wind power.

Renewable Energy Can Lead to Significant Job Growth

Renewable energy and renewable technologies provide clear environmental benefits for the planet. However, as companies like primusworkforce will tell you, they can also provide economic benefits, as well. Creating facilities to harness renewable energy can lead to many new jobs in this emerging market. Additionally, since the renewable energy market is emerging and stable, it can provide high-paying jobs for many people. Renewable energy can also provide a good source of high-paying jobs in many parts of the world. Just to give you an idea of what we’re talking about, the average salary for renewables jobs in Canada can range between $72,000/year or $37.00/hour.

Utilizing Renewable Energy Can Improve Public Health

Fossil fuels generate greenhouse emissions and these emissions pollute both the soil and the air. As a result of this pollution, public health can suffer. However, renewable energy does not generate anywhere near the amount of greenhouse emissions that fossil fuels do.

Thanks to this, both the soil and air will be healthier and public health will be better. You can read more about renewable energy’s health benefits by checking out this article from Harvard. Of course, scientists have attempted to work on fossil fuel technologies and come up with a way that these technologies can pollute less but maintain their efficiency. Despite these attempts, technologies that use renewable energy continue to be much better for public health than fossil fuel technologies. 

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