Easy Ways to Enhance Your Customer Experience on Social Media

Social media is a necessity for all businesses today. But there is an even greater need to provide a quality customer experience. Modern consumers are more sensitive when it comes to the way companies treat them, and rightly so.

This has forced businesses to take a more thoughtful approach to the way they treat their customers online and on social media. Providing a positive customer experience on social media is not as hard as most people might think.

Here is how you can enhance customer experience on social media:

1.Build a community.

Building a community should be one of your main priorities on social media.

Social media works extraordinarily well for community building. Think about it. Why do people use social media? There are several reasons now, but the basic need to connect with other people still remains the reason why most people use social media platforms.

Community building is essential for customer experience. If you want your audience to be engaged with your brand, you will need to put in the time and effort to build a community around your business.

Brands like GoPro have made community building a crucial part of their online presence. Go to their social media profiles, and you will find them posting content submitted by their users. This not only makes for literally free content, but it also gives other people a reason to use your products and services.

Once you have a substantial following and an already engaged audience, then you will find people within your online social media community helping each other out. Something like this takes time, but it is well worth it in the long run.

2.Create valuable content.

Without valuable content, your social media profiles are going to dry out.

Modern audiences want the brands they follow to dish out content that is visually appealing and valuable and aligns with their core values.

To create valuable content, you will need to invest in different kinds of content.

Alternating between different kinds of video content is the first step that you should take. For starters, make videos that detail your products and services as well as the value they bring to your audience.

You can then move on to making videos based on industry research that you have conducted or the latest trends in your niche.

Image content also does well on almost all social media platforms. Make sure that your image is of high quality and provides value. Also, make sure that it is eye-catching as most people scroll through social media at relatively fast speeds.

Blog posts are still a great way to provide in-depth content to your audience. Optimize them for SEO and make sure that they are engaging for the best results, nurture the traffic through live chat app for websites to convert more. Add links to your company blog on your social media profiles to drive traffic to your site.

Podcasts are also gaining momentum these days. Ebooks and audiobooks, as well as industry guides, are another great way to provide value to your audience online.

Make sure that you optimize and use every piece of content for individual platforms. That way, your audience will be pleased with the content you are posting and get a far superior customer experience.

3.Be quick to respond to your audience.

A lot of customer experience depends on your ability to satisfy your customers. That’s easier said than done.

Social media is ruthless if you do not give your online audience the utmost priority.

Answering questions and dealing with customer rage is all a part of community management, something that businesses of all shapes and sizes should be looking into. You might think that one bad customer review is not a big deal, but over time it can snowball into a massive mess that, frankly, no one would want to deal with.

If you have a reasonably sized audience on social media, it might be a good time to invest in a dedicated staff member to supervise and oversee customer happiness on your various profiles.

If a question was asked, answer it as soon as possible. Products didn’t get to your client? Figure it out and make things right.

In all honesty, social media platforms and sites are one of the best places to provide timely customer service and support. People are spending increasingly more time on these platforms, which is why it is has become a natural, widely accepted reaction to find your brand’s online profile and leave a comment.

4.Listen to your audience.

Listening to your audience is essential if you want your business to be successful. It becomes an even more critical factor due to the nature of social media.

Most small, niche-based, or even larger businesses cannot afford the backlash that they might face if their online audience is not satisfied with the way things are. Even small things like a new logo or new kind of content, something that your audience is not used to, can prove to be a significant bone of contention.

When deciding to make changes to your online presence, it might be a good idea to get your audience involved in the discussion. Doing this will significantly improve the customer experience as your followers and fans will have a chance to weigh in their opinions and thoughts.

These kinds of gestures are free to do and help you get a better understanding of what your online audience expects from your brand and the type of feelings and emotions associated with your brand. It’s a win-win situation.


Positive customer experiences on social media help your brand to improve its online presence significantly. Since people are spending more time on various social media platforms, it only makes sense for businesses to invest in and to provide a very positive user experience.

Make sure to think about your audience when using social media and take an inbound approach to market and content. Over time, you will see your following build up naturally because of all the hard work you had put into your social media presence.


Hamzah Adil is a digital marketing executive currently working for a startup that has developed a live chat app called SwiftChat. He enjoys reading a lot, especially fiction, other hobbies include playing guitar and watering plants in his garden. He mostly writes on different issues new entrepreneurs face and their solutions.


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