Every marriage is arrange-by parents or by children

Arranged marriage should not be the term used to indicate its type, as every marriage is placed; the only difference is by whom. Whether your friends or parents arranged it, or from a Canada marriage bureau, or any other commercial website, or you arranged it- every day, it needs to be set up. The concept, which says arranged marriage, is any kind of slavery- well, it all depends on whether there is any kind of exploitation.

The link between divorce rate and arranged marriages

The success of anything could be majored by its results; people say the divorce rate is low due to different social stigma linked with divorce, but indeed how marriage is arranged is considered an essential factor. If the parent has organized the wedding, the success ratio is slightly higher as they think the long term. For example, you might be impressed by dressing up of a girl, and you may want to get married today. Well, tomorrow morning, you may realize you do not want to have anything with her. Especially when you are in your twenties, due to different peer pressure or compulsions, you need to make decisions that will not last a lifetime, but sometimes you are suddenly hit off by someone, and it could work out, which is another matter.

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Everything is done by arrangement, you might plan so many things, but everything happens by emotions, by someone else, or by your greed. It is an arrangement that needs to be the best and done by someone sensible, responsible, by those most concerned about you, or the one with whom you have a higher reach. It’s challenging to find a perfect partner, but if you have to look for an Australian girl for marriage, it’s easier to find it online as per your priorities.

When children organize everything

If any young child wanted to marry, who would they prefer to marry, since they have smaller reachability? Within those limited people who they understand. Many religions in different countries deny divorcing, which is entirely wrong. Boys and girls did not have any experience of household activities after marriage, which could be one of the reasons for divorce. The couple who didn’t think before goes to marriage decision.

When parents organize everything

Parents organize a marriage with proper discussion, judgments, investigation. Their decision may not be correct every time, but 90 percent are valid for their children. If you have matured beyond the parent’s judgment, which is different- now you may make your own decision. Parents have experience in marriage life. They know what makes the relations solid and essential to make it perfect.

Conducting a marriage responsibly

It does not matter who you marry, how you marry, that way it was arranged or by whom it is arranged is not necessary, how responsibility is executed is essential. How you place the marriage is your own choice. There is nothing scripted which way need to choose, but whichever is chosen, do conduct it sensibly and responsibly. You need to understand the concept of marriage to satisfy your needs, joyfully, physical, psychological, social and different kinds of other priorities. 

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