How to Fix MOV file not compatible with QuickTime Error

For Apple users, QuickTime is something quite familiar for them, because it is a common used media player. However, users will see popped up message reminding that MOV file is not compatible with QuickTime Player more than often. There might be different causes including damaged MOV file, outdated software version or no required codec, etc. 

What is the main reason why this error occurs? In this article, let’s find out together and see how to fix such error.

Why MOV file not compatible with QuickTime error exist

As we all know, MOV is a video format developed by Apple. Yes, indeed, it’s originally designed to fit QuickTime, but it doesn’t mean that there will not be any MOV video file not open or play issues. Maybe it’s because your QuickTime Player is not updated to new or the latest version. Also, if you have imported the MOV file to other software, it’s possible that this file cannot be supported by QuickTime, as the first one has already encoded it once. In addition, the problem might be MOV file itself. You have to check whether it’s damaged or too small at file size. To summarize, the error of MOV file not compatible with QuickTime Player occurs because of the incompatible codec.

If you ask that isn’t there any type of MOV file that can fit all versions of QuickTime, then the answer is yes. This works when MOV video is compressed with codecs like H.264 and MPEG-4. However, you cannot be clear about the codec type even you are shooting MOV videos with your own devices. Additionally, you even have to downgrade QuickTime version to play such codecs. 

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Of course MOV users will also find other methods to solve this problem. Usually, common seen options include downloading MOV codec or other third-party video player. Compared with this two ways, however, the easiest and fastest method is to convert MOV to other video formats that are supported by QuickTime. 

How to convert MOV to other video format

If you want your device free from malware, it’s the best to use a video converter to do MOV to MP4 conversion, because MP4 is a video format with the greatest compatibility. How to convert MOV to MP4? Below is a highly recommended tutorial:

Step 1: Go to WinX Video Converter official website and download it. The installation is very fast.

Step 2: Load the MOV files that are not supported by your QuickTime. Click “+Video” icon to do this.

Step 3: Navigate through the “Output Profiles” list and choose “Mac General Video” and choose “MP4 Video”.

Step 4: Hit the “RUN” button to convert your MOV files.

MOV file not compatible with QuickTime is not a problem that’s very complicated to solve as long as you use the right tool.

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