How to make a video shortlisted for FYP TikTok

TikTok is a hot short video social networking platform right now. After only a few years of launch, today, TikTok has billions of users worldwide.

Users can use TikTok to watch entertaining videos or can also create their own videos and then post them on this social network. No matter who you are, you want your video to be known by many people, right? 

If your video makes it to the FYP TikTok list, this will solve the problem.

So what is FYP TikTok and how to make it to this list? Please read the article below.

FYP What is TikTok?

FYP or “For Your Page” is an interesting feature of TikTok. This is a list of videos that TikTok suggests to users based on the user’s previous video viewing history. 

If your video is on the FYP list, it means that your video will reach more users and increase engagement.

Especially with business TikTok accounts, if a business’s video enters the FYP, it will help promote the business widely and increase recognition.

5 Ways To Get Into FYP Tiktok

1. Create Quality Content

The first way to create FYP content is to create quality content. The quality here is that your video must be unique and attractive to viewers. 

If you’re just starting to make videos, try short videos first.

2. Use relevant hashtags

Use relevant hashtags

Using relevant hashtags is one way to get a video into FYP tiktok. You can use trending hashtags.

This has been proven to help increase the viewership of tiktok. This way can make your tiktok videos visible on the homepage of users who didn’t follow you before. 

To see which hashtags are trending, you can search in the ‘discover’ menu.

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3. Under Trends and Challenges

On the ‘discover’ menu you can also see the trends and challenges that are popular today. You can create videos following these trends. 

If you come across interesting, trending videos, you can download them as learning materials. You can use some websites like TikMate, SnapTik… to download Tik Tok videos for free without watermarks. 

This way will help you answer questions like why is this video hot, who is the audience the video is aimed at?…

This will help increase your traffic and the number of followers. Thus, increasing your chances of getting your video into FYP.

You can also pair your videos with popular videos to increase the appeal.

4. Use popular songs/music

By using currently popular songs/music, your video will be easier to get into FYP. However, you should choose the right song for your tiktok video content.

5. Upload videos during peak hours

Upload videos during peak hours

Uploading videos during peak hours is one of the most effective ways to enter FYP tik tok. 

The time frame with the most Tik Tok users is 12.00-13.00, 16.00-17.00, 19.00-23.00.

You can take advantage of these 3 times to upload videos to your tiktok. Thus, will increase the user reach rate for your video. 

But do not forget to take advantage of the previous 4 ways. Get your content into FYP faster.

In the opposite direction, if you want to download TikTok videos without the logo, ID number, you can use TikTok Downloader such as SnapTik, SaveTik, Tikmate


Whatever the outcome, you should persevere. These 5 ways can help your content get into FYP effectively. 

If you have a video that has achieved a high view rate, download the video Tik Tok as a souvenir or share it on other social networking sites to spread the word. 

Good luck.

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