Living in Denver Guide

Denver has become the dream place for many people due to its gorgeous mountain views and high-quality living facilities. Denver city is the capital of the U.S. State of Colorado, where everyone can enjoy anything they wish for under the massive Rocky Mountains. Denver is nicknamed ‘The Mile High City’ as the elevation of the city is precisely one mile above sea level (5280 feet). 

Denver is an outdoor city famous for its unique city parks, world-class cultural attractions, spectacular mountain peaks, lively nightlife, and various local breweries. The fantastic climatic conditions , several employment opportunities, and decent cost of living has made Denver an excellent place for living with your family. There are many types of apartments for rent in denver available with all the basic to luxurious facilities. You can visit apartment rental sites like Aptamigo to check the price and overview of rental apartments.

Getting around

Denver is quite a large city, and walking to every place would not be an ideal option during peak office hours. Driving around Denver in a car can help you reach anywhere in 25 minutes during the non-rush hours due to its small geographical area. The city has made special bike lanes throughout the city to help you reach your friends, family, and workplace quicker than any other means. 

Denver’s public transportation system is the most convenient way of commuting to and from the airport and reaching all the other suburban and remote places. The Light Rail system and public bus services have eased the congestion of the city’s highways, making it an excellent choice for commuting that helps people to reach their desired destinations in no time.


Denver is the dream place for nature lovers, mountain climbers, and adventure enthusiasts. Since the city lies a mile above sea level, people have to get familiarized with the lack of oxygen, as the body will take some time to adjust. However, the city has a fair share of all the weather conditions, but the winter in Denver can indeed become dramatic. The winters can go as low as 17 degrees and 54 inches of snow, but the people enjoy the weather by participating in snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ice hockey, sledding, and other winter sports.

You can never see a sunnier city than Denver, as for almost 300 days of the year, the city will experience a clear blue sky and comfortable hot weather due to the lack of humidity. The temperatures can go as high as 88 degrees, making people come out in groups for climbing mountains, hiking and mountain climbing and visiting the amusement parks and Denver Zoo. Keeping the necessary clothing and items ready for the upcoming season will help you live through the period comfortably.


The nightlife in the city has different shades of colors, characters, sophistication, and several locations in every street in any neighborhood. Denver has many trendy bars, well-known restaurants, posh lounges, music venues, comedy clubs, speakeasies, world-class breweries, and great night clubs where people can enjoy and experience the lively nature of the city once the sun goes down. 

There are many bars, nightclubs and dance clubs around the city and each place will have a different experience to offer to the people visiting it. Some of the most popular bars around Denver include The Cruise Room, PS Lounge, Star Bar, Finn’s Manor, and The Arvada Tavern, which can provide the authentic nightlife experience every person would expect in the country.

Denver has everything going on across all ages, genders, areas, tastes, and genres that helps people decide the place according to their interests and desires.

Things to do

  • Denver is a major sports city that offers people various opportunities to watch the city’s top professional teams playing football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and soccer in the exclusive sports center.
  • Spend a leisure day playing top golf, which is an engaging activity to do at a higher altitude.
  • Visit the world-class retail districts like Larimer Square, South Broadway, and Antique Row to fulfill all your shopaholic’s desires.

·  Take a tour of famous cultural attractions such as The Stanley Hotel, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Denver Art Museum, and nearby state parks to understand Denver’s traditions, history, and culture fully.

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