Top 5 Haunted places in Dubai

Dubai is known for its infrastructure and beauty, but did you know that Dubai has this haunted side too? Tourists love to explore every bit of the place, and horror sites make it a lot more interesting as it creates curiosity. You can hear spooky stories from the people there about their horror encounters. These stories will shake you to the core and leave you wondering. Dubai has massive royal palaces and a history where people say they hear laughing and crying voices around the day. So, if you are someone who finds haunted places intriguing, then you have reached the right place.

In this article, we have listed the top 5 haunted places in Dubai which will surely give you Goosebumps. You can challenge your guts by visiting these places and see for yourself if you feel those spooky vibes. So, if you have a soft heart, then you should skip visiting these places. Without any further ado, let’s just jump right to the good part and learn about these haunted places.

  • Al Jazirat Al Hamra

Al Jazirat Al Hamra is the Ghost Town where the ghosts/evil live. However, earlier, three tribes used to reside and later were left abandoned, as recalled by the locals there. They have various stories to share about this place which will give you chills. The sight of abandoned homes and nerve-wracking silence is something that you cannot forget. People there advise you not to visit this place after dawn as that’s when the ghostly encounters take place. Though, the vibes are still spooky or quite unusual throughout the day. Al Jazirat Al Hamra is just an hour away from Dubai. It is also one of the best instagrammable place in Dubai

  • The Tunnel in Pan Emirates

The tunnel in the emirates is among the top haunted places in Dubai as people have encountered unusual voices and visuals that left them scared. Tunnels are usually very dark and enclosed spaces stimulating a sense of fear in your mind. In the Pan Emirates tunnel, paranormal experiences have been frequent. You can talk to the people around the area and hear those haunted stories where they have sensed something unusual. This makes it extremely horrifying so if you want to know for yourself, surely pay a visit there.

  •  Al Khail Gate

This is also known as the scary apartment, where people who stay there experience paranormal activities happening around them. Such as their belongings disappearing and sensing some ghostly presence around them all the time. Locals say three people committed suicide there, instilling a sense of fear in public. This is why it lands in the category of the top haunted places in Dubai. You can visit the apartment and see if it is indeed something that haunts you. The people there can assist you in knowing more about these places and their history. 

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  • Al Qasimi Palace

We all have heard stories about palaces as kids and watched movies about these haunted places. However, in Dubai, you can witness this haunted palace in reality. Al Qasimi Palace used to be a royal palace in Dubai, but now it is just an abandoned palace due to its haunted nature. People who lived there for years can tell you numerous spooky stories where they had a haunted encounter. Some say that at night, they heard voices coming from the palace and children peeping through the windows of the palace. This will surely make you wonder how an abandoned palace where there is only silence that remains witness these crazy paranormal or ghostly encounters. So, you must plan a visit there to find your answers and challenge your instincts.

  • Jumeirah

Jumeirah is the house of the devil, people who used to live there had several ghost encounters and experienced paranormal activities around them. People who used to live there left the house and ran away. Jumeirah is a seven-bedroom house where a family from Filipinos lived around 2011, but soon after, they realized the place was haunted. People who live around the area experience bad energy and a ghostly presence in the house. Thus, to experience the horror up close, visit Jumeirah. 


These are the top 5 haunted places in Dubai that will leave you stunned. These attractions will give you chills when you get to see them up close. There are various stories and narratives floating around, which will help you understand the place better. If you want to do something off-beat in Dubai, then you must visit these places. Also, always stay vigilant and take a guide with you so that they can help you know the facts and history of such places. Lastly, we hope you found this article interesting and that it helped you know the haunted side of Dubai too. So, would you dare to go in?

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