Top Bottled Gas Mistakes You Should Avoid

The use of bottled gas is rising. These gas bottles should be handled with care. Common errors can cost your business in many ways. From accidents to gas wastage, not handling bottled gas properly can mess up your business. Evaluate different business gas suppliers. Compare rates. Don’t make the above mistakes when handling bottled gas in your home or business.

Not Ordering on Time

Plan ahead.  Never wait until the units are empty. It will disrupt the operations of your company. Instead, monitor your gas levels. Check the exchange system. Request for a new bottle once the levels in the old one approach zero.

Use technology to monitor gas levels in your company. Install a gas level monitoring system for optimal results. This measure will minimize disruptions in your company.

Not Monitoring Gas Levels

Consider monitoring the gas levels. You can monitor it manually or use an electronic gadget to monitor the levels. For instance, a hot water test can accurately tell you the amount of gas remaining.

The test involves pouring hot water on your cylinder. Ensure that the appliance is on. Consider running your hand down the bottle or cylinder. You will feel a cold effect from the gas level downwards.  

It’s also important to note that large tanks come with a gauge. Use the gauge to monitor the amount of gas left. Place an order with your gas supplier as soon as you notice that the gas levels are getting low.

Not Offering Deliver Access Points

Allow your gas supplier to access your property. Create clear access points. If there are dogs, restrain them from interfering with the work of your LPG company staff. Also, tell your family or employees about possible deliveries.

Leave all the gates unlocked. Remove anything that blocks the gates. Ensure that the driveway is clear.

Changing Usage Instead Of Refills

Different gas appliances come with different usage capacities. If your home uses several gas appliances, your consumption will likely shoot up. In this case, you will now have to make more orders. Increasing your gas order frequencies will minimize interruptions in your company or home, allowing the operations to run smoothly.

Liaise with your LPG supplier for regular refills. They will arrange to deliver gas to your premise on time.


Of course, the price of gas is increasing. This can be attributed to the global economic crisis and high demand. However, this doesn’t mean overpaying. Saving on usage will ultimately bring the utility bills down.

Thus, set a clear budget. Shop for the right rates. Choose a supplier with competitive rates. Take advantage of incentives, promotions, and discounts out there. Compare rates. Choose a rate that suits your needs.

Tips For Selecting The Right Gas Supplier

Gas is a reliable source of energy. Any business can benefit from using gas. The best thing with gas is that it’s delivered through underground piping. As a result, gas is not prone to interruptions and things like thunderstorms. However, selecting the right gas supplier is very important. Use the following tips and tricks to choose a reliable gas supplier for your business.


Choose a reputable gas supplier. Search online and you will get several options. Go through that supplier’s website. Read reviews from past customers. In the reviews, you will identify the strong and weak points of that supplier. Choose a supplier with more recommendations. Avoid suppliers with a lot of negative reviews.

Compare Rates

Don’t choose the first supplier you come across. Comparing rates allows you to choose a cost-effective option. Use an energy comparison site to compare rates. When comparing rates, look at the pricing, charges, fees, etc.

Customer Care Service

Check the customer care service of that supplier. Choose a supplier with exceptional customer care service. Select a supplier who will respond to your issues quickly and more effectively. Check to see if that company has a working live chat, email address, etc. They should take your calls in real-time.

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Reliable Services

Reliability is an important aspect you should consider when selecting a gas supplier. Choose a gas supplier who guarantees you timely gas delivery. They should use quality gas canisters. A good supplier should also prioritize safety. The company should deliver quality gas.


Water supply companies are competing for customers. Most of these companies offer incentives to attract customers. You can use these incentives to negotiate for lower rates. Choose a company that offers you promising incentives.


Saving energy is now a reality. Companies should look for energy-saving solutions. Technology can help you save energy. For instance, tech-based meters can help you track and save energy. Choose a company that invests in technology. A good company should give you energy-saving solutions.

Industry Standard Compliance

Look for a licensed provider. Make sure that the gas supplier operates in a compatible manner. They should be certified and compliant with relevant industry standards. You also need to ensure that the supplier you choose is complying with industrial hygiene and health standards.

Record Keeping

Check if their records are up to date. Take time to review their insurance, safety, environmental, and financial performance policies. A reputable service provider will always be ready to provide detailed information about their business. Having access to their true policies will help you make an informed buying decision.

Improve Constantly 

A good gas supplier will always strive to improve the quality of its services. Conducting regular audits shows a company’s commitment to achieving better results. Plus, it helps in ensuring that they have a long-term actionable plan.

Invest In Innovation

In today’s modern world, it’s important to be innovative. Settle for a company that utilizes digital technologies to enhance service delivery. Innovation is an essential component of the supply chain. The supplier’s website should include a detailed profile where their credentials are displayed.

The Bottom-Line

Order your bottled gas at the right time. Monitor the gas levels from time to time. Don’t pay too much. Select the right tariff. Use your gas economically. Watch out for leaks. Select the right gas supplier. Use the above tips and tricks when dealing with bottled gas. 

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